Running simultaneously on both PCs and cloud platforms ensures that in the event of internet failure the system is still fully operational at the clinic and conversely, should a PC fail the online system can be used whilst a replacement is found.


System security

Jellyzone Cloud edition is implemented on a collection of web servers hosted by Rackspace, the leading UK infrastructure provider. They guarantee 100% up time with the highest levels of security compliance with enterprise-grade data encryption. Rackspace data centres are accredited to PCI DSS, ISO27001, andISAE 3402 Type II standards, ensuring the Jellyzone application is secured by the best processes and technologies. Jelly Software has also achieved the government’s own Cyber Essentials certification.

Patient security

Multiple levels of security and access permissions for patient details and clinical notes ensure confidentiality is protected at all times. Patients can also be known by number rather than name for the highest level of anonymity. Access to patient data is tracked and logged making any changes visible along with the before and after values.

User security

Both local and remote access levels are user-based with strong, enforceable passwords. Log ins can be further restricted around locations where the geographic log in can also be tracked. Two factor authentication is available for ultra secure systems.

Once set up by the system administrator, role-based security settings can then further restrict access to clinical records, reports, financial data and so forth to create a more granular level of security.