Jelly has an advanced real time communication system so you can keep patients informed via email SMS, email, letters, leaflets and documents as they progress through your care. Many communications can be triggered automatically depending on answers in a form, when an appointment is booked or if the patient status changes. For example, if a nurse saves a form which has certain options selected, a pop up box can remind them with additional information.



Draw from a library of customised text, email and letter templates which are automatically filled with the relevant patient details.  Letters and reports are generated in a single click with minimum editing as patient information captured in forms or note scan be automatically added to the body of the document.


Design your own forms for use by both patients and clinicians. The system can automatically email a relevant form to patients in advance and once completed, their clinical record is automatically populated saving valuable consultation time.
Forms can also be used to record ongoing clinical data tracking patient progress objectives and scores.


Letters can be set for approval by any number of clinicians before being printed or dispatched. They can be password protected so they can only be downloaded by the recipient or alternatively accessed via our secure document portal.Documents can either be digitally signed by either users or remotely by patients.

Instant Messaging

Patient information can be securely shared between users via the system and tracks when your message was sent and read. Notifications forTDL results, outstanding letter approvals, online booking changes and so forth can also be viewed in a separate tab.