Good note taking is critical for any practice so Jelly makes this task easy with a wide range of facilities at your fingertips to make it a more time efficient process.



The patient library can hold any type of document such as scanned images, pictures, Word documents, Excel and PDFs which are linked to each patient and date stamped.

10GB of storage is included just for documents as part of the license which is enough for around 10,000 typical pictures or scanned documents.   Storage capacity is unlimited and additional storage can be purchased for a nominal monthly fee.

Streamline the grudgework

Reduce time spent making notes and maximise the time with your patients by dictating your notes directly into the system using the built-in speech to text interface.

Alternatively, if you prefer to type, your own library of abbreviations, conditions and templates will insert large sections of text, key words or phrases with just a click.


To save valuable consultation time, forms can be emailed to patients or displayed on a tablet in reception. As the data never leaves our cloud, once the form is complete the patient’s clinical record is automatically populated.

Forms can also be used by practitioners to record ongoing clinical data allowing patient targets, objectives and scores to be tracked in progress charts

Pathology and prescriptions

The NHS drugs, OPCS4, ICD10 databases can be installed or you can import or create your own to help quickly generate standard FP10SS digitally signed prescriptions.

Print blood test forms and labels which record orders and raise the relevant charge for each patient.  Jellyzone integrates with TDL so orders generated in the system are automatically sent to their lab and the results