With 360° clinic management, you have a complete overview of the clinic at your fingertips. From managing diaries, day sheets and locations to patient billing and communication, anything you need is available at the push of a button or in a report.  Going paperless is now achievable.


To do lists

As the CQC are keen to make sure that your ongoing clinic management processes are documented, regularly actioned and monitored, set up regular tasks and pop up prompts to remind staff to perform these important tasks and track when they’re complete.


Our easy to use, colour coded diary ensures any patient is booked in effortlessly for appointments or classes.  Access your diary from your phone, PC or tablet anytime anywhere. Different locations and rotas are taken into account to make sure appointments are booked with the right person, at the right time, in the right place.

All services and fees can be pre-set by practitioner and insurance company eliminating both booking and billing errors.

We also provide access for virtual receptionists at no extra charge if you outsource your bookings.


Clinics run a serious risk if patients are not recalled for follow-up appointments so automatic and manual recalls via SMS, email and letter ensures no patient is accidentally overlooked. Until an appointment is made, the list of patients who have not responded to the recall and who should be followed up will remain on the list.