Self-pay and insured patient billing, debt management and account payments are easily managed and tracked to give real-time financial reporting.  Electronic billing via Healthcode and Xero integration is also available.You can raise orders for suppliers and track specifically ordered items for patients. Patients can be assigned to companies allowing you to bill either the company, their insurer or the patient themselves.


Account management

From treatment courses and stock sales, to petty cash and commission statements for associate practitioners, every aspect of clinical income and expenditure is taken care of.

Order, invoice and receipt layouts can be easily customised with items such as your own logos or fonts so they’re tailored to your clinic.

Account management

When a patient is linked to an insurer, the system automatically recognises the approved fee for their treatment helping to eliminate billing mistakes.

Unpaid invoices and patient shortfalls are easy to track and can then be chased up by letter, email or SMS in a single click.

Having been used in busy clinics for many years, you will find a wide range of time saving features and shortcuts that will make life easier.