Jellyzone not only saves time but reduces the risk of user error or oversight when managing the patient care journey. Although it is not a work flow system, it can give nudges and prompts at the right time to your users to make sure everyone has all the timely information they need.


and documents

Automate delivery of forms and documents to patients based on their appointment type, status or specific answers within a form.  Alert clinicians via text, email or a simple pop-up to ensure they’re notified of significant information as it happens.

Tasks and recalls

In line with CQC requirements, ensure ongoing clinic management processes are documented, regularly actioned and monitored with a toolkit to create a range of reminders and prompts.

The recall list identifies the relevant patients, so an email, SMS or letter can be sent in a single click. All communication is written to the patient’s contact log for tracking and follow ups.


Keep patients and users informed whenever an appointment is booked, rescheduled or cancelled by text and/or email.