We provide comprehensive clinic management software for clinics and hospital departments.

Jelly zone originally started life as a clinic management software system for the UK health market in 2008. The software matured in some of the most demanding clinics across the country and evolved into a complete management package for a number of specialised, and highly regulated, disciplines with Jellyzone subsequently gaining approval for use by the NHS in 2016.

Today, Jellyzone is used in clinics and hospitals from Harley Street to Huddersfield,Singapore to South Africa. It gives owners and managers complete flexibility in how, when and where they operate their clinic from, connecting them with mobile clinicians across multiple locations and offering a 360° clinic management program.

We are driven by our clients and constantly strive to ensure our products work well with the demands of their clinics.


Jellyzone has everything you need to run a busy clinic. It runs both on PCs and the cloud for maximum utilisation. As it is highly configurable it can be tuned to meet your specific requirements. We even help you get started with 2 hours free training.


Paperless insurer and patient billing and a range of tracking reports to help to ensure payments and debts can be managed simply. With Healthcode, Xero and Stripe integration, payments can even be taken directly in the system and sent to Xero or insurers automatically.



Personalised letters, emails and text templates reduce administration whilst improving patient communication and recall lists ensures no patient’s follow up is overlooked.  Letters can be approved and sent securely with all correspondence is automatically recorded in the patient’s contact log.



Automate the routine tasks to reduce risk. Forms can be automatically emailed to patients prior to their visit, freeing up consultation time. Automated appointment trigger scan send out forms, messages, letters and leaflets to reduces patient DNAs and keep users informed of any changes.



All aspects of running a busy clinic are supported from finances, staff scheduling, rooms and locations to keeping clinician certification up to date. The most complex of clinics can create a tailored, customised system that optimises everyone’s time at any location.


Remote access

Jelly synchronises all local data onto a high availability cloud allowing you to securely access your system remotely.  The highly configurable online booking system offers patients the convenience of booking 24/7.



Your database is backed constantly so whatever happens to your PC, your data is always secure and nothing ever lost. Jelly has strong cyber security that even supports two factor authentication. Various system security levels ensure patient data is only seen by appropriate members of staff.



Supports CQC good governance and regulatory compliance and day-to-day clinic tasks. GDPR compliant. Jelly Software and the Jellyzone product have been approved for use by the NHS and has Cyber Essentials certification from the government’s GCHQ.


Clinical Notes

Streamline your note-taking with a range of time-saving features such as dictation. Create clinical forms to standardise and simplify your processes for all users.Generate letters using templates with data from your notes which can be printed or securely emailed to the patient.



The business dashboard and financial reports show how your clinic is performing and identify any critical trends through a series of graphical KPIs. The bespoke report writer supports CCG reporting and clinic auditing.


Why choose Jellyzone?

Jellyzone has everything you need in one system to run a busy clinic. It runs simultaneously on PCs and the cloud for maximum deployment.As it is highly configurable it can be fine-tuned to meet your specific requirements. We help you get started with 2 hours free training.

1. Expertise

Years of experience developing an intuitive, simple-to-use product for patients, consultants and managers mean that little training is needed so the solution can be rolled out in timely, well-managed phases with all the features we know you will love.

2. Insight

Any data saved in Jelly can then be used to create customised letters using a large library of built in variables, reported on or analysed using the ad hoc reporting tool so that you always have a clear understanding of what is going on with your patients and your practice.

3. Leading edge

Jelly uses the latest technology, so you can access it anywhere securely. It has a built in secure email system and can digitally signed forms and documents. Your patients too will enjoy the benefits as they can fill in their forms from home or book online.

It's so easy to manage multiple diaries with Jelly and with the SMS package included in the price, we could make sure our patients were always fully aware of their immediate appointments and bring them back regularly with the automated recall lists.

Bill Richmond, Northern Integrative Health Practice

Jelly Software is a great company to deal with. We have been using their software to run the clinic for several years. Excellent customer service. Couldn't ask for a better experience! Highly recommended.

Andrew Robinson, Healthworks Ltd.

What I like about the software: The software has been built on a very thought-through, futuristic platform, and the development and support team are so synergistic.

Mani Neelamegan, Ann PhysioCare

What I like about the software: The software has been built on a very thought-through, futuristic platform, and the development and support team are so synergistic.

Mani Neelamegan, Ann PhysioCare